Learn to Cook While Learning French: The Kitchen of the Future

Most of us have listened to TV while cooking before introducing the future kitchen that talks to you. Learn French and how to cook all at the same time. The concept similar to the Wii’s motion sensor senses what you are doing and walks you through the process of making a dish. This new learning kitchen was developed by professor Paul Seedhouse from Newcastle University, U.K. He claims that this tasked based language learning will revolutionize¬† language deficiencies. The kitchen is scheduled to come out the end of 2012.


For innovative teachers, although we may not be able to afford motion sensored kitchens, it is possible to integrate foreign language into culinary classes. One of the ways you can integrate is to partner with the foreign language teachers and make cultural dishes giving instruction in the foreign language then English.¬† You can also have words of the day or vocabulary words for each unit to incorporate more language. Finally, I love to play music during labs that matches the cuisine’s country of origin.

For the macaroni and cheese lab, I’ve included Spanish vocabulary sheet to post in each kitchen. Go over the vocabulary words with your students at the beginning of the lab. Have one lab group member (4 students per group) be the score keeper. Make it a challenge to see what lab group can use the most vocabulary correctly while making their macaroni & cheese!

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