Picky Eaters Lesson

Did you know there are six types of picky eaters?  I think we’ve all been exposed to at least one of them in our classrooms, especially when trying foods prepared in the lab!  So, what’s a parent to do when they have a picky eater?  This Picky Eaters lesson has student groups exploring the six types and performing skits as they present the information on why it occurs and what parents can do.


  • Begin this lesson by reading the story titled, Seven Silly Eaters (affiliate link) by Mary Ann Hoberman (Author) and Marla Frazee (Illustrator). If you don’t have the book, you could have students watch and listen to the story via this YouTube video.
  • Discuss: What would you do if you were Mrs. Peters and had picky eaters? Would you go to the extremes she did? Why or why not? What could she have done instead? Brainstorm some ideas.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Seven Silly Eaters Book (affiliate link)
  • Skit Props (optional)


  • As a parent, you could be faced with a picky eater…hopefully not as bad as Mrs. Peters! Ask students if they knew there were 6 types of picky eaters.
  • To introduce these 6 types, break students into 6 groups and provide them with the article titled ” 6 Types of Picky Eaters—And How to Get Them to Eat” from Parents that is divided into 6 sections, giving each group a picky eater type.
  • After reading, the group will create and perform a skit to illustrate their type of picky eater. Groups will write their own skits and supply their own props. In addition, they will create a visual following the headers on the notes form that explains the type, and what a parent is to do. The headers include:
  • Audience will complete their own notes chart as the skits are presented.
  • Finally, have groups write a scenario that depicts their type of picky eater with clues, without mentioning the actual type of picky eater. Once you have all of the scenarios, copy and paste them into a document or Google Form for use with students as a quick assessment.
  • Optional Extension Activity: If you like to include food labs in your child development class, here is a great one from America’s Test Kitchen titled “Got Picky Kids? Try the Multiple-Choice Taco Dinner”. You could even have groups brainstorm other multiple choice dinners that could be implemented with picky eaters.  Food suggestions for multiple choice dinners might be pancakes, eggs, sliders, pizza, etc.


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