Mental Health Awareness: Chalk the Walks

Not only is May designated as Mental Health Awareness month, but for many schools it’s also the end of the school year!  As the year winds down, students get antsy and yearn to be outdoors as the weather gets nice.  Why not combine the two by getting students outside to create sidewalk art that celebrates mental health awareness?  Continue reading Mental Health Awareness: Chalk the Walks to learn more!


You may want to educate students about mental health and all it encompasses before you set them loose to create sidewalk art. I’ve linked a few resources below that may be helpful, however, these are just the tip of the iceberg!


Chalk the Walks Activity

  • Be sure to get permission from the appropriate administration in your school before assigning this activity!
  • Try to schedule this activity when the forecast will be cooperative!  
  • Clear the sidewalks so they are free of debris.
  • Give students the directions a day or so ahead so they can be thinking of designs and quotes and to get their creativity flowing!  Remind them that all artwork and quotes need to be school appropriate. 
  • Encourage students to create happy, healthy, words of encouragement and messages to help raise awareness for mental health and inspire positive thoughts and actions from the sidewalk up! 
  • Artwork can be done individually, with a partner or in small groups depending on your time.
  • Get permission for other classes to view the messages and artwork as part of a school wide gallery walk.
  • Take pictures of messages and designs and use them to create posters or fliers to hang around the school to keep the momentum going!

Additional Resources


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