Comics in the FACS Classroom

In my younger years, the first section of the newspaper I would go for was the comics…especially the Sunday paper as they were in color! Even now, when I get the chance to read an actual newspaper, I enjoy reading the comics (although it’s not the first section I go to). Why did I like them so much? Well, they were fun, humorous, interesting, thought provoking and left me curious with anticipation to see what the next strip would divulge if there was an ongoing storyline. As a teacher, I have used Comics in the FACS Classroom on numerous occasions, in many ways, to excite, engage and assess my students. Read on to learn how.

Educational Value of Comics in the Classroom


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Colored Markers, Pencils, Paint
  • Ink Pads (affiliate link)

Existing Comic Strips

Use existing comic strips to introduce topics, make predictions, apply learning via dialogue and visual observation. A few  of my favorite comic strips include:

  • Funky Winkerbean ( great series on dating violence)
  • For Better or Worse (great series on types of learning & a one single storyline about temper tantrums)

Note: Due to copyright laws I can’t share these on the website, however, you can email ( me for more information if interested.

Create Your Own Comic Strips

Create your own comics using premade comic strip templates which can be made:



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