Truth & Fib Activities

To help reinforce the information and content you are teaching about, have students help create fun, interactive games with Truth & Fib Activities that are student created reviews. OR teacher created review Truth & Fib Activities as a way to connect students to the materials you want them to work with interactively.

Student Created

  • In this version of the review activity, students are given a Google Slide template around the topic they are to create their “Truth & Fib” statements.
  • The statements are created around the article or textbook information being studied so students can refer to their notes or resources if necessary. There have to be two true statements and one untrue statement for each category.
  • Once created by the students, they can be used as bell ringers or end of class reviews before a test or quiz and can be displayed on the board or linked to Google Classroom.
  • For example, I have used this strategy with Food Safety and Baking Ingredients. The templates can be found below.

Teacher Created

  • In this version of the review activity, students are given a Jamboard template with statements on different slides. Again, the assignment is based on a textbook or article read in class. Note: You and your students must have the Jamboard app on electronic devices being used.
  • For each statement there are two true post-it-notes and one untrue post-it-note created by the teacher that students must drag into the appropriate column. I make this an individual assignment and set up a color code key for the untrue color post-it-notes for easy grading.
  • For example, I’m including the article from Newsela below, titled “The Origins of Famous Foods” that we read as a class before completing the Jamboard activity.


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