Feeding Young Children–Picky Eaters Lesson

In this lesson students will determine if they were or still are picky eaters. They will view a you tube video of the Arthur cartoon entitled “DW The Picky Eater” and fill out a graphic organizer while viewing. Following the video students discuss the information from the graphic organizer and brainstorm with a partner some fun, creative ways to get a picky eater to eat. These ideas may be based on personal experiences. Students will share their quick ideas with the group and then individually, students will investigate further by completing the mini poster computer project entitled “DW’s Top Ten Suggestions for Feeding the Picky Eater” which will be shared orally with the class when finished.

Time Frame: 3 Periods (43 minutes each)
Class Size: 16

Students will investigate creative ways to feed the picky eater based on online research and create a mini-poster visual representing ideas discovered.


  • Begin with the quiz/survey “You Might Be a Picky Eater If…” to determine if students were or still are picky eaters.
  • Follow with viewing of  “Arthur–DW The Picky Eater” (available here/affiliate link) and complete graphic organizer.
  • Discuss graphic organizer and brainstorm ideas for mini-poster project “DW’s Top Ten Suggestions for Feeding the Picky Eater.”


  • Computers
  • Projector to show you tube video

Instructional Procedures

  • See attachment for complete lesson plan


  • Survey
  • Video/Graphic Organizer
  • Mini-Poster Project–computer

Strategies for Diverse Learners

  • Vary presentation style possibly by creating a prezi or create a song with ideas set to music. Possibly write/perform a skit presenting the suggestions could be another to diversify the project.


  • Follow up with MyPlate lessons for feeding young children, obesity lessons and the impact on young children.


  • Posters with suggestions will be shared orally with the class and then displayed around the classroom for visual enjoyment. I find my other classes enjoy reading what’s been created too!


  • Rubric for Mini-Poster Project


  • Picky Eater Quiz


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