Recipes Around The World

This lesson plan is a great way to have the students connect and relate to one another. Each student will find and bring in a favorite family recipe, or favorite recipe. The students will fill out a worksheet with questions and present them to the class. It incorporates culture, family, history, geography, self-esteem, and food.

Time Frame: 2Periods
Class Size: 30


  • The students will write, illustrate, and tell about their family traditions with their favorite family recipe.
  • The students will explain and present their Family Recipe Worksheet in front of the class.


  • Map of the world (optional)
  • Students must bring to class: favorite family recipe from home (or a favorite food recipe)
  • Family Recipe Worksheet: one copy per student

Instructional Procedures

  • Pre class work: In the class before, the student’s homework assignment was to bring in a copy of their favorite family recipe from home.
  • The teacher will post up a huge map of the world up on the white board. This will help the students see where different countries are.


  • Students will fill out the family recipe worksheet.
  • Students will present their Favorite Family Recipe, and worksheet answers to the class. After each short presentation the students will be able to ask the speaker questions about the recipe. The teacher will make sure that all of the students are giving their full attention to the current student speaker.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

  • Allow students who do not have a family recipe from home look through cook books for their favorite food recipe.


  • Have students take notes during peer presentations to keep everyone focused.
  • For extra credit: Have students demonstrate how to make or bring in samples of their family recipes.


  • The teacher will grade the student’s presentations on a point scale. 10/10 points if presented on that day of class, 5/10 if presented another day, 0/10 if the student did not present.


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