You Be the Dietician–Breakfast Foods

Do you teach an Advanced Foods and Nutrition class?  Looking for a rigorous assignment for students who have a strong understanding of the nutrients and MyPlate? You are in luck as Nikki Heflin, a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher of Indiana shares this breakfast lesson, several lab ideas and concluding assessment, placing students in the role of the dietician.  Check out her lesson below!


  • Divide students into group and give each group a piece of poster paper.  They will then collaborate  to compile a list of what they deem the most popular breakfast foods.
  • As students share, create a list on the board with tally marks so as a class you can see what they chose as the most popular breakfast foods. 
  • Discuss: What nutrients and/or food groups students feel the typical American breakfast is lacking? What nutrients/food groups are the foods on this list highest in? Why do teenagers often skip breakfast?


  • iPads or Laptops (Google Docs)
  • Lab Supplies
  • Chalkboard or Whiteboard


  • Assign students the breakfast articles to read to complete the Thinking About Breakfast handout.  This handout also contains a personal reflection section that students complete, assessing their own breakfast habits.
  • Handouts are collected and graded on completion.  In addition, Nikki uses their answers to help plan labs.  For example, if a lot of students are skipping breakfast because of time, then she plans labs so that students can learn to prepare foods in bulk such as scrambled egg muffins.
  • Other healthy breakfast lab options include fruit & granola yogurt parfaits and omelets.
  • The assessment for this lesson is the assignment “You Be the Dietician”



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