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Pizza Competition

Nothing smells as good as homemade pizza baking with a little bit of competition in the air to make your classroom pulse. This lesson not only allows students to learn how to make pizza dough and sauce from scratch but also helps them develop their plating skills.

Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies

Reverse engineering packaged foods has been a hobby of mine for a few years now. It is fascinating how “they” come up with these products and to see if I can recreate them to make them taste better in my own kitchen. As many of you know and hopefully have tried by now, Subway came introduced their raspberry cheesecake cookies through a free raspberry cheesecake cookie promotion on Valentine’s Day just a month ago. As soon as I tried it I thought it was excellent and immediately wanted to make them in large quantities at home!

The Effects of Flour on Cookies

The purpose of this lesson is to see how different types of flour changes a cookie recipe. The ultimate objective is to determine the best flour to use in this cookie recipe and why flours change the cookie.

Become a ServSafe Instructor & Proctor

Help your students get a jump start in the restaurant industry by having them become ServSafe certified! To do this you can either have a ServSafe instructor come and teach your class or you can become a certified instructor.

Fundraise with Cake Pops

I stumbled upon cake pops a few years ago and decided to give them a try with my hospitality students. We were making food to sell as a fundraiser at the prom fashion show. These are delicious and genius creations sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Baking- Measuring Cups Vs. Scaling

Measuring flour and other ingredients can make all the difference in a baked good’s success. Baking is a science and the slightest amount over or under what the recipe calls for can mean an inferior product or inconsistent results. Teach your students with confidence after learning the difference between these two methods.

Baking & Pastry Summer Educator’s Program

I learned so much at the Johnson & Wales Baking & Pastry Summer Educator’s Program. I described briefly what we did each day of the class. I also have included some products that were discussed and used during the class…

Yeast Bread Conundrums

The most common problem in public school culinary classes is finding unique ways to proof & bake yeast doughs given a series of different challenges such as: 50 minute classes, alternating block scheduling, not having the right equipment like a proofing cabinet or steam injection oven, etc.