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Ratio App

I have a standing offer from my husband since the release of the iPhone 3GS to buy an iPhone but I keep turning him down because, “I don’t really need one.” How serendipitous is it that I stumble upon two iPhone apps in one day that I can use in the classroom? Is someone trying to tell me something? Well, here is my second favorite of the day- the ratio app. Every culinary teacher’s got to have this one!

How to Measure Correctly

Since I teach semester culinary classes, Valentines Day comes up around the time that I am going over how to measure correctly. I use this lab for my culinary II students who already have learned how to measure correctly so instead of demonstrating the techniques I have them show me that they remember how to measure correctly by making this recipe. This lab also allows them to get familiar with their kitchens and lab group. Obviously this recipe or any other cookie recipe could be used to produce the same results—students proving that they know how to measure different ingredients.

Make Your Own Cereal Lab

I always have my students look at cereal labels and compare two different kinds. We’ll this lesson takes it to the next level by allowing students to bake their own cereal, make an accurate nutrition label for their cereal, create advertising, and delve into FDA regulations on food labeling.

Food Network Cake Project

Food Network is very popular among my students so I decided to have them create their own show! I specifically have them demonstrate how to make a cake in front of the class but this idea can be tailored to any unit that lends itself to student demonstrations.