Baking- Measuring Cups Vs. Scaling

Measuring flour and other ingredients can make all the difference in a baked good’s success. Baking is a science and the slightest amount over or under what the recipe calls for can mean an inferior product or inconsistent results. Teach your students with confidence after learning the difference between these two methods.

Measuring Flour: Measuring Cups vs. The Scale

Scaling Ingredients

Scaling ingredients means to weigh ingredients using either an electronic scale or a baker’s balance. The digital scale is easy just make sure you account for the container and reset the empty container to zero before filling it. The baker’s balance is a little more challenging. Basically you start by making sure your balance is balanced. If it is not thenĀ  you need to balance it out by using something to make the two sides even. Paper clips and pen caps work just fine. Next you are going to put two (of the same kind) empty containers on each side of the balance. Then you slide the weight to the amount of ounces you desire. If you need more than one pound of an ingredient you will add a 1lb weight to one side and move the siding weight to the correct ounces. Once your weight is set, you add enough of the ingredient to the left side’s container to make the two sides balance. If you over fill simply take some out. To stop the balance from going up and down for a while simply grab it between your fingers.

How to Scale Ingredients



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