Seam Samples Lesson Plan

Time: Multiple classes


  • The student will create a number of different seams and finishes with accuracy, consistency, and precision.


  • Bring in some clothing with different seams and have the students try to identify the different seam finishes. Discuss the pros and cons of each of the seam finishes.


  • Scrap Material
  • Colored Thread (that will contrast with scrap material’s color)
  • Sewing Machines
  • Scissors
  • Colored Paper
  • Stapler


  • For a more advanced group, you can have them read how to make each seam sample and complete it on their own.


  • Have the students make all the machine seams finishes.
  • Have the students make all the hand sewing samples.
  • Have the students compile their seam finishes describing how to make each one in a book format with a table of contents.


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