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Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 5

Poinsettias are beautiful Christmas flowers to look at but also wonderful to make into any red jello flavored cookie! Use a simple pair of kitchen scissors to get the shape–no cookie presses or cookie cutters required! Poinsettia Christmas Cookies Ingredients…

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 4

Browsing on Pinterest what did I find? Pistachio cookies and, Oh! My! they are divine! The light green color is a great contrasting addition to my box of otherwise ordinary Christmas cookie colors. Cranberry Pistachio Cookies Ingredients 1 ½ cups…

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 3

They are all the rage this year. Red velvet cookies are what we made day 3 of the Christmas Cookie Factory. For those who like easy, semi-homemade cookies these are delightfully simple. Red Velvet Christmas Cookies 5 Different Ways! Ingredients…

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 2

On the second day of baking massive amounts of cookies, find the red & green chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. Did I say chocolate twice? These are brownie like cookies with the beautiful touch of red and green chips. Red &…

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 1

On the first day of the Christmas Cookie Factory there were these irresistibly fun chocolate chips in the grocery store that just needed to be made into something tasty but that still showed of their colors! Red & Green Chocolate…

Granola Bar Lab

If you’ve read the majority of my lessons you know already that I am a really big fan of experimenting and allowing students to figure it out. For this lesson I like to give students a general idea of how to make granola bars (See recipe) but then let them choose from a “bar” of ingredients to make their bars unique. If they keep the proportions similar to the base recipe they usually turn out just fine.

Thanksgiving Ideas for your Classroom

The holiday season can be stressful for us as the students get riled up in anticipation of school break, classes get shorter making it hard to cram our lessons into half days, and our personal lives get busy. I personally view holidays as a way to celebrate with students and take some of the pressure off of the normal academia pacing that at this time of the semester can leave us all exhausted. Here are a few holiday ideas to either help your department raise money, fit in some extra holiday excitement, or comply with a half day schedule.

Pop Tarts from Scratch

I don’t know if you like pop tarts or not but they have a large student following. Personally I think the crust tastes like cardboard but I guess kids don’t notice. Why not learn how to make kid’s favorite snack from scratch and turn it into an experiment?