Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 9

Eye catching sugar cookies are so fun to make. We have so many choices these days for decorations from sprinkles, to shimmer powders, to pearls, and paper thin sugar trees. Decorating sugar cookies is a blast if you’re well prepared with an icing that dries, and the right tools.

Sugar Cookies



  • I use this sugar cookie recipe which not only tastes delicious but it doesn’t puff up too much as to ruin the shape of the cookie.
  • Use Royal Icing so the icing hardens and cookies can be stacked. This icing is not the best tasting plain so try some different flavorings.
  • Melted Snowmen: soften a marshmallow in the microwave and stick it on a frosted cookie. I used candy corn cookie cutter for the shape.
  • Latte Cookies: use a cupcake cookie cutter for the top of the cup then take a knife and lengthen the sides. Cut the edges off bottom of the cup bottom with a biscuit cutter to get rounded edges.

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