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Extreme Lesson Plan Make Over: Leavening Agents

Christine, a family and consumer science teacher from New Jersey submitted her leavening agents lesson plan for a makeover. This is what she said about it, “I love that I am attempting to show show the students the food science…

Chobani Flip Muffins

Chobani and Muller have both come out with these fascinatingly delicious yogurt cups that have a side container of various toppings. These are not only great to eat but also an easy way to make unique muffins in a snap without having to buy lots of extra ingredients.

Crazy for Crepes

Thinking about some new ideas for middle school labs got me to thinking about a lab I did early in my teaching career when I taught a foreign foods cooking class.   At the time we were studying French cuisine and the lab was making homemade CREPES.   Initially I was intimidated by crepes because they looked too difficult and fancy, but after working through some demonstrations with my students I found they really were a lot easier to prepare than they looked!  Crepes are basically really thin, delicate pancakes filled with a sweet or savory filling.  Since I know teenagers love desserts and chocolate is a favorite filling, I thought I would explore a recipe that would combine the two popular ingredients  along with fruit and work a creative crepe lab back into the curriculum.

Homemade Hotdog Buns

School is wrapping up and I’m sure if you’re like most of us you have several end of the year class or faculty picnics to attend. Chances are, hot dogs and hamburgers will be served at these events. Ever thought about having your culinary students make homemade buns for these events? What a great way to get a lesson sponsored!

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 11

Gingerbread men are probably my favorite Christmas cookie ever since I was a child and they would be sticking out of the top of our stockings Christmas morning. Then when I became an adult, I found Black Strap Molasses and fell in love with the intense new flavor of gingerbread men I could make. Couple that with making gingerbread men clothes out of starbursts and airheads…Oh! They are just so much fun to make and eat!

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 10

Stained Glass Christmas Cookies Ingredients 1 recipe sugar cookie dough 1 bag of Jolly Ranchers Instructions Make a batch of sugar cookies. Cut out the desired shape. Make a hole in the center with another smaller cookie cutter or round…

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 9

Eye catching sugar cookies are so fun to make. We have so many choices these days for decorations from sprinkles, to shimmer powders, to pearls, and paper thin sugar trees. Decorating sugar cookies is a blast if you’re well prepared…

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 7

Delicious brownies in a festive way- made from scratch of course, so students learn what’s in a brownie mix.  Make these even more festive by buying the candy cane kisses that have red and white stripes. Brownie Kisses Ingredients 2.5…

Christmas Cookie Factory: Day 6

During Thanksgiving I got to ask my Great Aunt about mincemeat pie. It has always been a fascination because it sounds disgusting. She said it was an acquired taste but noted that the jarred “mincemeat” found in the grocery store…