Food Network Cake Project

Food Network is very popular among my students so I decided to have them create their own show! I specifically have them demonstrate how to make a cake in front of the class but this idea can be tailored to any unit that lends itself to student demonstrations.


  • Given a demonstration table and supplies, student groups will create a Food Network show and demonstrate how to make a cake of their choice for a minimum of 15 minutes.


  • Demonstration (how to make their cake)
    • Demonstration Booklet
    • Cover page & Picture
    • Recipe
    • Ingredient Functions
    • Equipment
    • History
    • Baking Terms
    • Cost Analysis
    • Interesting Facts
    • Works Cited
  • Poster (information about their show)


  • Demonstration Counter


  • Explain presentation procedures.


  1. Hand out peer scoring sheets
  2. First group gets set up
  3. First group presents while being video tapped
  4. First group passes out pieces of their cake
  5. First group cleans up
  6. Second group sets up
  7. Second group presents
  8. Second group passes out pieces of their cake
  9. Second group cleans up

Hint: I suggest no more than two groups presenting per day for block scheduling.


  • Make sure the room is put back to normal & clean
  • What was one piece of information you learned about cakes today?
  • What is the hardest part about demonstrating in front of the class?
  • What would you do differently about your cake presentation if you could do it over again?



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