Table Setting Lesson Plan

Table Setting


  • The student will set a basic, informal, and formal place setting correctly.


  • Have the students draw the correct way to set the table on a scrap piece of paper. Give the person who gets it completely correct a prize.


  • Demonstrate how to correctly set a basic, informal, and formal place setting. While you are doing this describe what kind of meal would be served for each kind of table setting.
  • Have the students take notes- drawing each table setting that you are demonstrating
  • After you have completed, have the students put away their notes and set each kind of place setting as you tell them. When all students finish have the class correct any mistakes.
  • Next demonstrate how to set up a buffet line and have the class practice.


  • Enough plates, glasses, forks, knives, spoons, soup spoons, dessert forks, butter knives, saucers, tea cups, fabric napkins, bread plates, for each student in your class.

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