Become a ServSafe Instructor & Proctor

Help your students get a jump start in the restaurant industry by having them become ServSafe certified! To do this you can either have a ServSafe instructor come and teach your class or you can become a certified instructor.

  1. To become an instructor you need to be a ServSafe certified manager first. To do this you simply need to take a class and pass the test.
  2. After you have been working as a ServSafe certified manager you can start the process of becoming an instructor/proctor.
  3. To become an instructor there is an online test that you complete at your own pace. The difference between the manager’s course and the instructor’s course is that the instructor has to know the how’s and why’s behind the regulations. The test is online and you can stop the test and go back later. The answers are not easy to find and require asking professionals or reading food law/codes.
  4. Once you have passed the online Advanced test you have to go through a presentation on what it means to become a dual role instructor/proctor. There are periodic quizzes throughout the presentation that you have to pass.
  5. The final step is to submit an application. The application asks why you want to become certified and requires professional experience.

Helpful resources for the Instructor’s Advanced Online Test

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