Vanilla Lesson Plan

Vanilla is expensive and vanilla beans even more so. This is a great lesson to teach students about vanilla without breaking the bank. One vanilla bean required!

Time Frame: One Block + Eating Creme Brulee the next class
Objective The student will describe the process of making vanilla and the steps of making creme brulee.

  • Have students partner up and complete the vanilla trivia game. Time them to see who can come up with the most correct answers the fastest.


  • Projector & Computer
  • One vanilla bean
  • Ingredients for Creme Brulee


  • Short lecture on the history and process of making vanilla


  • Creme Brulee demonstration. Have students take notes on the process of making the dish. Offer extra credit for any student that makes it at home.
  • Alternative – show this YouTube video in place of a live demonstration.

How to download a YouTube video

Background for Teachers

  • My favorite recipe is from Alton Brown but you may have your own. Note you will demonstrate how to make creme brulee but the students won’t be able to sample the finished product until the next class as it requires 2 hours in the refrigerator.
  • Alternative for classes back to back is to premake some creme brulee so each class can sample and use each classes demos for another class’ samples.
  • Don’t have a blow torch or not going to get away with using a blow torch in school? No problem use the broiler just keep your eye on them. I also find that Sugar in the Raw works good to add the crunch if you can’t use a blow torch.



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