The Effects of Flour on Cookies

Objective: To evaluate the different types of flour one could use to make cookies and determine which


  • Assign a different type of flour to each lab group.

Group 1: Pastry flour

Group 2: Bread flour

Group 3: Cake flour

Group 4: Whole Wheat flour

Group 5: All-purpose flour


  • Use the recipe (in attachments below) substituting the correct flour to make the cookies.

Background for Teachers

  • Key Terms:
  • Dough Consistency: how soft or firm the dough is and how easy it is to roll it out
  • Dough Cohesion: how well does your dough hold together? Is it falling apart?
  • Dough Adhesion: how sticky is it?


  • Cookie experiment chart  (in the attachment below)



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