Gender Lesson Project

Time Frame: Minimum 2 days in class project work + presentation days

Objective: Evaluate the effects of gender on life in America and around the world.


  • Using the Smart Board or a white board ask the class to brainstorm and create a web around the word “GENDER.” Write responses on the board.
  • For the second class, use the journal questions under “Attachments”  to start the class.


  • Have your students pick a topic below and teach one full class (1 ½ hours) teaching the class about their topic. You may choose to allow them a partner or teach by him/her self.
  • Assign Gender an Autobiographical Exercise (below) as homework and start the following class with a discussion of the student’s findings.


  1. Gender & the Media
    1. Impact of gender role stereotypes by Media Awareness Network
    2. Discuss different advertisement pictures
  2. Gender & the Workplace
    1. Sexual harassment
    2. How should a male interact with a female boss?
    3. How do men and women work differently?
    4. Are there differences in pay scale between sexes? Why?
  3. Gender Around the World
    1. Are women’s rights the same around the world?
    2. Does a culture bring out a man or woman’s ability?
    3. Do some cultures limit men or women?
    4. Does order come from gender roles?
    5. Is there oppression of either gender in countries around the world?
    6. Have there been any uprisings combating gender oppression?
    7. What is the history of men and women’s traditional roles and how they have changed with time?
    8. Are country leaders always one or the other gender?
  4. Gender & Religion
    1. What are women’s roles in religion (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism)?
    2. Are there similarities across religions?
    3. Do women take leadership roles? In what ways?
    4. Is one gender considered higher than the other in each religion?
    5. What gender is the “head” or god of each religion?
  5. Gender & Body Image
    1. What are the differences in the way men and women view their bodies?
    2. What are the differences between men and women when it comes staying healthy? Like going to the doctors, eating healthy, etc?
    3. Eating disorders and how they occur.
  6. Gender & Friendships
    1. What are the differences between a guy-guy friendship and a girl-girl friendship?
    2. Do guys and girls make friends the same way?
    3. How do girls that are friends interact?
    4. How do guys that are friends interact?
    5. How do girls and guys handle betrayal differently?
  7. Gender & Marriage
    1. How to finding a spouse that is healthy & good person
    2. True love
    3. Stages of marriage
    4. How to keep a happy marriage
    5. Divorce proofing a marriage
    6. Benefits of marriage

8.  Gender & Stress

  1. What things stress out women that don’t stress out men?
  2. What things stress out men that don’t stress out women?
  3. What are life’s biggest stressors?
  4. What are some strategies for men and women to handle stress together? Ex. How would a couple handle the death of a child
  5. How do men and women handle stress differently? Work stress, marital stress, internal stress?


  • Students should create a lesson plan for their lesson. Lesson plans should be approved for content, length, and depth of information. See Creating a Lesson Plan attachment.
  • Give students a few days to put together their lessons.
  • Assign presentation dates.



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