Author: K.Graybill

Kim Graybill is a veteran Family and Consumer Science teacher who teaches both middle and high school in Pennsylvania.

Ideas for Teaching Safety in Child Development

Child proofing is essential to a house or day care center when little ones are involved. It’s amazing what little ones can get into once they become keeping kids safemobile. You’ll want to make sure you’re taking every precaution to keep your little one’s environment safe. Trying to decide what to teach about the safety of children can be difficult as all of the topics are important.

Navigating the Brain

The brain is fascinating to teach but simplifying it down to a level that high school students will grasp can be difficult as it can be a little overwhelming. I have been teaching this topic for years as I am the only teacher and department in my building to teach about the brain…Woo Hoo! The lessons and activities included are tried and true and have been tweaked and revised as I find new ways to teach this material. So if you’ve always wanted to teach about the brain in your child development class, challenge your dendrites to learn something new and give it a try!

Popcorn: “Pop”pourri of Activities

This classic, fun food has been around for over 5000 years, transforms itself into snowflake and mushroom shapes, goes from un-edible to edible when exposed to heat, makes noise and is celebrated every January 19th!  You got it…it’s POPCORN!  These…


You’ve probably watched the SUPERBOWL on television, heard stories about SUPER HEROES with SUPER POWERS like SUPERMAN, but have you ever eaten SUPERFOODS?  This lesson and activities exposes students to very common SUPERFOODS, explores why they are so important for…

Fotor Photo Collages & Family Traditions

Families are unique and each family has different practices that become traditions over the years.  Traditions can be established early in life and will often be remembered and practiced into adulthood.  This project allows students to create a collage using…

Family Birth Order

Study after study shows that birth order plays a huge role in developing one’s personality.  Each birth order position has a unique set of characteristics.  This lesson engages every student in the class because everyone has a birth order position…

Strong Family Traits Inspired by Duck Dynasty

There’s a lot of buzz out there about this popular TV show called “Duck Dynasty” so I decided to watch it and discovered that it would be a great show to illustrate the traits of a strong family. This lesson introduces the traits of strong families to students, helps them recognize the traits in their own families as well as others, and then students create a PSA to help spread the word on the importance of strong families.

Variations of the Chocolate Chip Cookie to Learn Measuring, Functions of Ingredients and Recipe Literacy

In the 1930’s Ruth Wafefield invented Tollhouse Cookies.  I wonder if she ever thought they’d still be so popular eighty years later and that so many variations of her original recipe would exist.  This demonstration, lesson and lab using two…

Welcome to the World: Labor & Delivery Common Core Style

At the beginning of this school year, at an in-service program, we were asked by our administrators to do three things within our respective curriculums.  One: Implement more projects.  Two: Use more technology. Three: Become more multi-disciplined.  With that being said I…