The Wild Unicorn Game

So excited to share “The Wild Unicorn Game” created by the talented Tisha Richmond! Tisha is a Student Engagement & PD Specialist and Canvas Coordinator and former FACS teacher from Oregon. You may be familiar with her blog, podcast and book titled, “Make Learning Magical (affiliate link) which offer a variety of engaging teaching and gamification activities! Read on to find out more about how to play “The Wild Unicorn Game!”


  • Unicorn Game Cards (printed & laminated)
  • Play-doh
  • 2 Dry Erase Boards
  • Sand Timer
  • Dice
  • Scorepad

Tisha’s Tips

  • Tisha was motivated to create the game because she loves finding fun and meaningful ways for students to create, collaborate, critically think and communicate with each other through game play. The laughter and joy that games provide help build a collaborative and positive classroom culture as well as makes learning memorable….and magical.
  • This game would be a wonderful first week activity as you are building relationships and your classroom community. However, it would also be a game that could be played over and over again throughout the semester or year with concepts or vocabulary students are learning in class. Additionally, it would be a great game for groups to play while waiting for food to come out of the oven in culinary, or with time remaining at the end of class.
  • Tisha suggests having 4-5 students on each team. You would have two teams playing against each other. In a class of 30 students, you would have 3 separate games going. Everything you need can be found in your home or at your local dollar store. You will just need to print out the chance cards and key that is included in the game instructions. For a more information on playing The Wild Unicorn Game, view Tisha’s video tutorial below.


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