Quick Tips Postcard Project

If you’ve ever subscribed or read “Cooks Illustrated,” you may be familiar with a recurring feature called “Quick Tips.”  In this feature, tips are provided to make food prep easier and more convenient. I have taken this concept and turned it into the “Quick Tips Postcard Project” as a way to add visual interest to classroom bulletin boards or displays!


  • Introduce the project to students, showing them the magazine feature, if possible.
  • Explain that they are to conduct interviews with a parent, grandparent, relative, friend or teacher to learn about quick tips they utilize in the kitchen to make their food prep, cooking and storing of foods easier and more convenient. Students may interview one person who can share 3 tips or they can interview 3 different people to gather the tips.
  • Students fill out the form as they conduct their interviews and get the interviewee to sign off on the assignment.



  • Once students have their tips, they are to choose two of the quick tips to share via a postcard with the class and for the bulletin board.
  • Students will use the Canva website to create their quick tip visuals, using the postcard templates. I share my sample with them so they can see an example of what the finished product will look like.
  • If necessary, take a few minutes to demonstrate how to set up an account and navigate the Canva website.
  • In the postcard templates, students must add the title of the tip, an explanation and an image for each of their tips or hacks. Postcards should be visually appealing making use of space, color, sizing of fonts/images and be free of spelling/grammatical errors.
  • When students are finished creating their postcards, they are to download them as PNG images, save them to their camera roll and then insert them into a class Google Slidedeck.
  • Students will orally share their postcards with the class.
  • I will print off the visuals in color and use them to create a colorful and visually appealing bulletin board in my classroom.


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