Author: K.Graybill

Kim Graybill is a veteran Family and Consumer Science teacher who teaches both middle and high school in Pennsylvania.

Six Essential Nutrients Lesson Plan

Essential nutrients are those that must be provided through a balanced diet as the body cannot make them or make nutrient.chain.Ithem in sufficient amounts. Every food we eat is made up of nutrients. Trying to get teenagers to understand the importance of eating key nutrients and what they do for our bodies can be challenging as there is so much information and sometimes only a limited time in which to teach it. So in order to give students an overview of the key nutrients without taking several weeks to cover the materials, I developed a combination of teacher directed and student directed activities. To help students understand the amount of nutrients in the foods they choose, I have students participate in a Tater Topper lab and then “Profile Their Potato” for essentials nutrients using the My Recipe portion of Supertracker.

Birthday Party Project

There are times throughout the year that I need some “filler” activities due to testing schedules, the loss of seniors partybecause of graduation, etc. I don’t want to give my students free periods so I came up with a practical, creative project of planning a child’s birthday party. Originally this project was designed for my child development class as a team building activity but it could be used in a family unit as well. While this project is just about planning a party and the concepts that go with it, and fit into my time frame, you could easily adapt this project and make it relate to budgeting by giving students price limits or even make it a competition and incorporate a “cupcake wars” style approach. Either way students enjoy planning parties!

#Hashtag Pregnancy Review

Are you looking for a way to learn or review the changes that take place during pregnancy in a creative, concise way? Hashtag.ReviewIf so, this #HashTag pregnancy review/activity is just for you! Tap into the power of social media (Twitter & Facebook) and use #hashtags. Students can summarize or review what they learn about the changes taking place during pregnancy in short, creative phrases. It’s fun to watch and listen as students create their #Hashtag phrases. They also love sharing their creations aloud and by writing them on the SMARTBOARD the next day. This activity will naturally get you coming up with fun, clever hashtag phrases to keep them on task (your students will think you are so COOL and current)!

Trust & Bonding Lesson

Being there for babies and the importance of trust is what this lesson is all about. Bonding is a term that describes a parent’s tie to an infant and typically occurs early in the child’s life. Strong bonds of attachment helps develop…

Healthy Eating & Exercise Vision Board

Have you ever seen an idea that sparked another idea? Well that is what happened with this lesson plan. Edith Rohrer, a FACS teacher from Indiana, Vision Board. I shared a web based personalized goals activity using the Choose MyPlate website. When I saw this great activity, I immediately thought there should be a follow-up assignment to help students visualize, plan and set goals to help them achieve their personal eating and exercise goals based on this information. And so the vision board project was created.

Literal Interpretations from a Child’s Mind

One day when my children were young and couldn’t sit still I commented on how they were acting like they had “ants in their pants”. I didn’t think about the phrase until my then preschool aged daughter literally checked her pants for ants! This is when I realized that children don’t always interpret the true meaning behind some of the common phrases that have been around forever; they actually interpret them literally. This lesson has students illustrating common phrases based on how a preschooler might interpret or visualize the phrase literally.

Literacy & Reading to Children Lessons

I read to my children ALL the time when they were young, and if nothing else, I wanted them to be readers! And, fortunately, they are! There so many benefits associated with reading to children at an early age from bonding to improved vocabulary (which helps now that the SATs are right around the corner). This lesson explores the amount of time students spend reading to other screen and electronic device activity and encourages them to research and explore why reading to children is so beneficial to their growth and development. I’ve also included a fun component for students to learn the do’s and don’ts of reading to children while encouraging them to enhance their own oral presentation skills by reading aloud a children’s book.


How could I say “no” when my students wanted to learn more about vegetarianism?  We had already covered major nutrients so they knew the ins and outs of complete and incomplete proteins and how to make complementing protein combinations.  Still, they wanted…

School Vending Machines: Healthy or Not? Lessons & Activities

It was with the initiative of adding nutrition facts labels to vending machines that this lesson developed.  Like many schools we have a vending machine loaded with snacks for hungry students to choose from after school.  Like most vending machines…

The Power of Purple: Shaken Baby Syndrome & The Period of Purple Crying

While Shaken Baby Syndrome might be a familiar term associated with child abuse, the Period of Purple Crying may not be. The two terms are closely related as the constant crying associated with purple crying may lead one to violently shake their child. This lesson educates students about both to hopefully decrease the risks of both occurring in the future. This lesson also includes a fairly quick and easy community service project for students of all ages and abilities to complete to help spread information about the important cause.