Child Development Theorist Unboxing Video Project

I’m excited to share “The Child Development Theorist Unboxing Video Project” created by Audrey Jarvis of Nebraska! This project was inspired by this post from last summer! Read on to see what she did!



  • Video Recording Devices (iPads, Laptops or Phones)
  • Projector & Screen
  • Video Props


  • Place students in groups of four and have them select a theorist to focus on for this project from the introductory video. Go over the criteria and rubric.
  • As a group students will need to address specific information about the Theorist in their video by unboxing 8-10 items that will allow them to explain this information to a captivated audience.
  • The specific information that will need to be researched and incorporated includes:
    • Theoretical approach to the study of child development (what did they BELIEVE about how children develop & grow?)
    • What area was their theory focused on? (for example Piaget focused on COGNITIVE (intellectual) development.)
    • EXPLAIN their theory, if it has stages to it then make sure you explain all of the ones that involve children (ages 0-12)
    • Education
    • Important Publications (books, papers, etc.)
    • Reputation within the field of child development (for example Sigmund Freud was considered “the father of Psychology”).
    • Any other important information about the theorist, including any significant experiments they performed and their results.
  • Audrey shares this example with her students to demonstrate what she’s asking them to do:
    • An example would be something like this for Harry Harlow: (Pulling out a towel ) “Oh wow, look what we have here! The genuine terry cloth towel used in Harlow’s famous experiment when he gave baby monkeys the choice between interacting with a cold, hard metal “mother” who would dispense food or with the same metal mother covered in this soft terry cloth towel who didn’t dispense food. The monkeys always chose the soft momma monkey. It really helped establish how important bonding/snuggling was with mothers and babies, an important finding in child developmental research.”
  • After students have completed their research and have their unboxing props, they create their video with Adobe Spark Video or iMovie, depending on the devices students are using.
  • Completed videos are viewed together as a class!


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