POP! Figure Project

Because of the recent popularity Funko Pop characters have gained on TikTok, this fun POP! Figure Project was created and shared by Cayla Young of Texas! While she uses it with her Culinary Arts students, there are a variety of ways to incorporate the project into other classes.


  • Just in case you or your students are not familiar with what Funko POP characters are, here is a YouTube video titled, “What are Funko POPs?” that may be helpful.
  • Begin by having students randomly select a chef. This could be done by using the Wheel of Names or you could cut apart the list of chefs and let students draw one at random. This prevents students from all selecting the same chef.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Markers or Colored Pencils


  • Introduce the assignment and give students the worksheet (see attachments), and begin researching their information.
  • Cayla had several students complain that they are not artists, but the rubric was designed to grade based on content and neatness rather than drawing ability. She assured them that this was a culinary class not an art class and that they would not be graded on artistic ability.
  • Students were given two, 50 minute periods to complete this assignment.
  • Once completed, students shared their famous chef with the class and then they were put on display in the hallway for the rest of the campus to see.
  • While Cayla used it in the history of food service unit to highlight the contributions of the chefs, it could also be used as a first week of school activity to learn who your students’ favorite chefs are. The template could also be tweaked and used as a get to know you assignment for the first week of school and students can make their Funko Pop a self portrait. I also see this as a fun way to learn more about child development theorists and fashion designers!


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