43 Minute Lab Series: High Protein Nachos

After noticing continuous requests for lab suggestions that are doable in 43 minute class periods, I’ve decided to do a recurring series, featuring recipes that can be completed from beginning to end in a 43 minute time frame. In some cases, longer recipes will broken into two day labs. In addition, I will include my pre-lab review questions that pertain specifically to the recipe. This helps to ensure that students are reading the recipe. It also allows me time to show any videos that may demonstrate the product or specific techniques. So, without further ado, I present the 43 Minute Lab Series: High Protein Nachos!

Teachable Concepts

  • Protein (the food group and the nutrient)
  • Ground Meat (Beef, Chicken, Turkey)
  • Combination Foods
  • Quick & Easy One Dish Meals or Snacks

Pre-Lab Activities

  • Before this lab, students will have learned about the importance of protein in the diet via the Protein: Poloroid Notes assignment.
  • Students will also have learned that protein can come from both plant and animal sources and the various ways practicing vegetarians consume protein.
  • Next, students are provided with the recipe along with some pre-lab questions. These questions cover a variety of information. I like to review what they know as well as address things that I think they know, but maybe didn’t specifically cover in the lesson. Sometimes the questions revolve around talking points or ways that recipes could be adapted.
  • After preparing this dish in the lab, my students rave about how good it is. We also talk about how it can be made spicer by adding a hotter salsa or jalepeno peppers as well how it can be prepared with other protein sources such as ground chicken, turkey, venison, bison or even just beans if no meat is preferred. There’s a lot of versatility in this recipe.


Photo by Geraud pfeiffer from Pexels

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