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Happy New Year! I was in the middle of my Pasta Unit and planned to move into meats and proteins afterwards, but then we went remote. Needless to say, my plans went by the wayside…so to speak. Since the plan was to begin with beef, I decided to forge ahead and create this E-Learning Ground Beef Web Activity for my students to complete virtually. As many of the lessons found on this website, this activity could easily be used in the regular classroom–the only thing missing are the labs!


  • Using the website Beef, What’s for Dinner?, students begin by exploring why ground beef is so versatile.
  • Students use the beef diagram to identify where cuts for ground beef come from.
  • Since grinding is part of the process of making ground beef, students explore the types of grinds by providing the percentages of fat, suggested uses and how to tell if properly cooked.
  • Food safety is explored and students explain how to minimize risk to E. coli and other FBI’s when purchasing, storing and preparing ground beef.
  • Students identify characteristics to look for and avoid when selecting ground beef.
  • To show how versatile and diverse ground beef can be in cooking, students participate in a scavenger hunt on the beef website, looking for recipes that fulfill specific criteria.
  • Finally, students explore the nutritional value of consuming beef for our bodies.
  • For E-Learning, I would ask my students to complete a home cooking assignment using ground beef (if they are able) and share back the recipe and photo of their dish.
  • If I were in the actual classroom, I would also show students Alton Brown’s Good Eats Episode: Daily Grind (affliliate link) which can be purchased for a small fee on Amazon or YouTube.
  • Labs for ground beef would have included one utilizing ground beef crumbles in the form of Empanadas and the other would have utilized shaped or molded ground beef such as Meatballs.


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