Sewing Resources

In need of some new or different sewing resources?  Check out the compiled list of resources for use in a sewing class, unit or lesson.  As always, if you have other suggestions, please send them my way and I’ll update the list.


  • We All Sew a web-resource where all sewers of all ages and skill levels can find inspiring projects, patterns and tips to spark their creativity.
  • Home Hobbies: Sewing Resources at Home: A variety of resources & option to find local pros in your area.
  • Learning How to Sew Clothing a web-source that includes an overview of all things related to sewing from fabric to tools to basic tutorials.

Sewing Safety

Sewing Tools & Terms

Sewing Machine Resources

Hand Sewing Resources

Sewing Projects

Sewing Posters

Similar Lessons

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

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