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Several years ago I learned about the teaching strategy called Hexagonal Thinking. There are many variations on how to utilize the concept in class, but the one I want to focus on is the Hexagonal Keyword Links for FACS Content. This is a great brainstorm, review or assessment activity to use with your students to see how they apply the information related to topics you are covering. Read on to see how Hexagonal Keyword Links works and all of the ready to use examples. As always, if you have ideas for others, please let me know.

Background Information

  • Hexagonal Thinking requires students to make connections between keywords related to the content being taught. I do have lessons around this method…let me know if you’re interested and I’ll post some.
  • In the traditional form, students would be placed in small groups and work together to manipulate the individual hex blocks with prewritten terms. They would then be asked to write down a certain number of connections and share with the class. It is very interesting to hear the conversations being discussed as students critically think, apply and communicate their ideas about the keywords. Here is a quick video explaining it titled, “Using Hexagons to Build Critical Thinking Skills” if you’re interested in learning more.
  • The form that I’m sharing is similar as students still have to think critically to make connections and communicate in a written format to convey their ideas. The difference is that they are being asked to make at least 3 connections for each keyword for a total of 12. In my opinion, it is more specific and less random.
  • This version can be assigned individually if using as a review or as an assessment. However, if using as a brainstorm tool, students can be paired up or put into small groups to discuss what they know about the keywords before you begin teaching the content.
  • The Hexagonal Keyword Links can easily be downloaded and printed off as a hard copy or uploaded and completed digitally as a PDF in Google Classroom.
  • A Blank Digital Template is also included for use in creating a new one from scratch. All you have to do is add the words.
  • Content areas included are as follows: Foods, Child Development, Money Management, Family, Housing, Clothing and Interior Design.


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