Exploring Rice

What’s not to like about rice? It’s got a lot going for it such as versatility, affordability, nutrition and let’s not forget easy preparation! With this Exploring Rice lesson, students learn more about this unique grain including history, varieties available, nutritional contributions as well as proper cooking techniques before heading to the lab.


  • To kick off this lesson, give students a list of mixed up rice types and have a little competition to see who can unscramble them first.
  • Optional: Since many students may not be familiar with these varieties of rice, you could have samples available to show them. Depending on your time, you could even have some of them prepared ahead of time for students to taste test.


  • Laptops or iPads
  • Projector & Screen
  • Varieties of Rice (optional)


  • Begin by having students learn some fun facts about rice. using the resource titled, “Interesting Facts About Rice“.
  • Next, students use the internet to explore more about the history, types and uses of rice as well as it’s nutritional value as they complete Exploring Rice (see attachments).
  • Since cooking rice can be tricky, students view Alton Brown’s Pantry Raid Rice Episode and answer some questions to learn how to cook it properly.
  • Finally, it’s time to put it all into action and head to the lab to prepare a rice dish. There are many dishes that can be made with rice, but one of my favorites that is easy to make in two 43 minute class periods is Creamy Spinach Rice. Before preparations begin, students complete some pre-lab questions and fill out their lab sheet. The first day students mise en place their ingredients. The second day they cook and eat. Not only is this side dish tasty as is, but you could easily add additional mix-ins such as chicken, ham or shrimp to it for a more hearty meal. It’s also a one-pot dish so that means easy clean-up for the win!
  • Another great 43 minute lab for rice is Fried Rice. Because the rice should be prepared ahead of time for the success of this dish, students will need to prepare their rice the day before and refrigerate it overnight. The next day students prepare and eat the rest of the dish.


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