P.I.E.S: Puzzle Piece Activity

I love when teachers take ideas from the website and add to them!  That is exactly what Shannon Stevens, a FCS teacher from Ohio, did with my P.I.E.S: The Areas of Development lesson. Shannon created the P.I.E.S: Puzzle Piece Activity to use with students in her Child Development class. She wanted to add a component for the students to share their knowledge of P.I.E.S. along with something that could be displayed in the classroom for other classes to enjoy. Additionally, she wanted a technology free activity!


  • Before this activity, Shannon used my P.I.E.S: The Areas of Development lesson to give her students the background knowledge needed to complete the assignment. She said she’s been using the lesson for years and just wanted to add something new that would engage students, act as a classroom display and was hands-on!


  • Cardstock for Puzzle Pieces
  • Colored Markers
  • Scissors


  • At the end of the P.I.E.S review found in the above lesson/post, Shannon assigns the Puzzle Piece Activity.
  • Each student is assigned one of the areas of development to focus on.
  • After labeling the puzzle piece with the assigned area of development, students are asked to word splash no fewer than 10 activities that represent the development.
  • Students then decorate and color in their puzzle piece before neatly cutting it out.
  • The class then assembles the bulletin board display for others to see.
  • The final component of this activity is a reflection question that students must answer.  The question is: “When you were doing this activity what areas of development were you developing? (Yes, I know you are a teen-age.)”


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