On Your Own: Investigating Streaming Services

Television is so different today compared to when I was young!  Back in the day, we had one tv that got three major network channels and one PBS station for free. Cable was available in certain areas (not rural) at a cost. Television services have come a long way!  Now, there are so many options to choose from and being able to sort it all out requires some level of comparison and analysis.  This On Your Own: Investigating Streaming Services project requires students to do just that given specific budget parameters. This real world activity shows what many of them take for granted because their parents are paying the bill and they have no idea what’s involved!


  • Poll students on the streaming services their family subscribes to in order to see what kind of services are represented.
  • Take time to thoroughly explain the project to students to get them thinking about streaming services and their viewing habits. For this project, students have just landed their first job and are living on their own. Because it takes time to build up extra funds for recreational activities, this project is tiered by dollars allocated to this section of their budget.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen


  • Students begin this project by thinking about their habits and needs and do some research.  What types of things do they actually view?  What does their potential program/service need to include?  Are there operational needs and costs associated with the potential services?  What are the reviews of these services?
  • Once they’ve answered those prompts they begin researching them based on the provided scenarios.
  • For each of the scenarios , they compare and contrast a minimum of 3 streaming service options using the Tri-Venn Diagram in addition to other required criteria
  • When the comparisons are finished, students create a slide presentation sharing their personal sections, based on the criteria and their research.
  • I’m including a sample project so you can see one way this was set up.
  • Conclude with a Google Classroom ASK/Question prompts: When it comes to adulting and living on your own, how realistic was this assignment?  What was your key takeaway from this project as it relates to budgeting and streaming services?


Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

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