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On Your Own: Investigating Streaming Services

Television is so different today compared to when I was young!  Back in the day, we had one tv that got three major network channels and one PBS station for free. Cable was available in certain areas (not rural) at a cost. Television services have come a long way!  Now, there are so many options to choose from and being able to sort it all out requires some level of comparison and analysis.  This On Your Own: Investigating Streaming Services project requires students to do just that given specific budget parameters. This real world activity shows what many of them take for granted because their parents are paying the bill and they have no idea what’s involved!

Lifestyle Creep Hyperdoc

Many people, including teens, suffer from this problem! The Lifestyle Creep Hyperdoc introduces students to the concept and explores not only what the signs and effects are, but also how it change a person’s life as well as how it can be prevented. It’s a great lead in to the importance of living within your means and budgeting!