$10 Meal Challenge Project

Beth Beattie, of Missouri, shares this $10 Meal Challenge Project inspired by the Iowa State Fair! During this past year, her sons were mesmerized by the Iowa State University Extension office’s $10 meal challenge offered to all 4-H members. This project is Beth’s reinterpretation of it. So, if you’re looking for an engaging project to combine food budgets, MyPlate and a family meal, be sure to take a look!

Original Challenge

  • Beth has always used the Iowa State Fair as a resource for her classes and was inspired by the Iowa State University Extension office’s $10 meal challenge which her sons took part in as 4-H members.
  • Here is the link to the Iowa State University Extension’s Project.

Beth’s Challenge

  • In this project Beth has students actually planning a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) using required portions.
  • Students must use the total cost of all products purchased, even if portioned bigger than can be used in this meal. Food products found at home can not be included.
  • After a meal plan has been created, students go to the grocery store and purchase their foods, staying under the $10 budget. A picture of the receipt is required for documentation.
  • Once home, students prepare their meal, taking photos along the way for documentation. They must also take photos of their family eating the meal.
  • Student’s complete follow-up questions evaluating their meal, choices and shopping strategies.


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