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$10 Meal Challenge Project

Beth Beattie, of Missouri, shares this $10 Meal Challenge Project inspired by the Iowa State Fair! During this past year, her sons were mesmerized by the Iowa State University Extension office’s $10 meal challenge offered to all 4-H members. This project is Beth’s reinterpretation of it. So, if you’re looking for an engaging project to combine food budgets, MyPlate and a family meal, be sure to take a look!

MyPlate Stations & Activities

Tired of creating web-quest style assignments only to find that the website has changed and your web-quest no longer meshes, leaving you to reinvent the wheel?  This is partly why I created the MyPlate stations. The information within the stations was created using reliable website sources which I will cite below. Therefore, the content won’t change, unless the information gets updated when the guide gets reviewed every 5 years.  Additionally, stations allow students to move around, work at their own pace and use the resulting notes to complete follow-up assignments or activities that reinforce the material.  Read on to learn more…