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Tired of creating web-quest style assignments only to find that the website has changed and your web-quest no longer meshes, leaving you to reinvent the wheel?  This is partly why I created the MyPlate stations. The information within the stations was created using reliable website sources which I will cite below. Therefore, the content won’t change, unless the information gets updated when the guide gets reviewed every 5 years.  Additionally, stations allow students to move around, work at their own pace and use the resulting notes to complete follow-up assignments or activities that reinforce the material.  Read on to learn more…


  • Provide students with their notes/graphic organizer and make sure they have an app on their iPad or phone that can scan/read QR codes. Students will also need 5 colored pencils or crayons: red, green, orange, purple, and blue. *Note:
  • Lay QR Codes or Food Group Info Sheets (if not 1:1) at your stations. Food information was created from the following websites:  Eat Right, Kids Eat Right ,Choose MyPlate and from this chart.


  • QR Code Signs or Information Sheets if not 1:1
  • QR Code Reader App
  • Colored Pencils or Crayons
  • iPad or Laptop
  • Grocery Circulars (optional)
  • Scissors & Glue (optional)
  • Lab Supplies (optional)


  • Students are divided and sent to stations to begin filling in their notes/graphic organizers, moving to other stations until are are completed.
  • If time permits, I show this video to recap and pull the entire concept together.
  • Students apply their notes along with the MyPlate website, if needed, to complete the MyPlate Follow-Up assignment and then review with the MyPlate Food Sort found as a freebie on TPT.  I collect the Follow-up assignment but you could go over it as a class.
  • As part of an assessment, students show me they can plan a meal according to MyPlate.  The MyPlate Virtual Assignment uses a Google Slides template, shared by FACS teacher Nikki Heflin of Indiana.
  • You could also assign students the MyPlates Food Guide Assignment found in this POST which includes an updated version of the activity, shared by FACS teacher Patches Moat of Idaho.

Lab Ideas–Prepared in 43 Minutes or Less


Information Sheets 


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