Choose My Plate Lesson Plan

Objective: The student will recognize, recall and explain the new USA food guide, “My Plate.”


  • Introduce the new US food guide by reviewing the old pyramid and explaining the changes. Ask students to tell you the differences between the old “My Pyramid” and the new “Choose My Plate” food guides.


  • Paper Plates
  • Grocery Flyers
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Internet access


  • Discuss the MyPlate icon and ask questions based on what you see. For example:
    • How many baby carrots are one serving?
    • If I pile my food up into heaps according to the picture I’m fine right?
    • How much is a small portion?
  • Have students research the answer to these questions and report their findings to the class. Answers can be found on


  • Create a nutritionally sound plate according to our government guidelines. Look through grocery flyers and cut out items that make up three plates- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They need to be items you would actually eat. You need to label each item as to the quantity of the item. For instance, “3oz piece of chicken breast.”


  • Have your students calculate the nutritional density, calories, vitamins, minerals, fat, etc of each of their plates of food by entering the food items and portion sizes into Menu Planner.


  • Rubric (included in assignment directions)
  • Don’t forget to hang up your student’s “myplates” in the hallway or in your classroom to foster student discussion when you’re not teaching! Free learning- capitalize on it!


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