MyPlate: What’s Missing?

After learning about MyPlate and all of the food groups, I wanted students to analyze some meals to determine which food groups were present and which were not. Updating and adapting an old worksheet turned into this “MyPlate: What’s Missing?” activity utilizing 1:1 technology, via QR Codes or Jamboard. Additionally, it got students up moving around, breaking up a 43 minute class period!


  • Teach about MyPlate so students are familiar with the food groups and main concepts. My students will have learned it via the MyPlate Stations lesson.
  • Set up print outs of QR Codes around the room.
  • If you are in need of a short video recap, this YouTube video titled, Food Groups & MyPlate works well.


  • QR Code Readers
  • Colored Pencils (optional)
  • Jamboard App(optional)


  • After going over the instructions of the activity, students circulate from meal to meal, scanning the QR Codes to view.
  • Students must determine which food groups are present by either marking an “X” in the MyPlate icon or by using colored pencils corresponding to MyPlate to fill in the space.
  • Once students determine the missing food group, they go to the available options, located at the end of the assignment, and choose a food that completes MyPlate. If using the Jamboard version, students come up with their own food examples to complete the meal, but there may not be any repeats in order to encourage variety.
  • Students continue through the meals untill all ten are analyzed.
  • Depending on the length of your class periods, you can either go over the answers, discussing the missing food group and the food that students recommended to make the meal complete or you can collect it and give it a grade.
  • Note: Sometimes a student is absent on the day I do this activity, so I created a version for them to complete outside of class that is the same assignment, but done in Jamboard. The Jamboard version can also be done in class if you don’t want to mess with setting up stations or have a virtual snow day.


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