Japanese Fruit Sandwiches

What is beautiful, photogenic and instagram worthy, colorful and easy to eat? Japanese fruit sandwiches, of course! Read on to learn more about Japanese fruit sandwiches and how to incorporate them into your classes and food labs!


  • Ask: What is a FURUTSU SANDO and where does it ORIGINATE? On a white board, jot down the answers to the above prompts.  NO googling allowed!  Be prepared to SHARE your responses!
  • Furutsu Sandos are… Japanese fruit sandwiches, sweet rather than savory, eaten for snacks and desserts, typically made from shokupan bread, whipped cream and fruit. They’re also aesthetically pleasing due to their cross-cuts & vibrant fruit colors.
  • Read: the article “Sweeten your springtime with Japan’s fruit sandwiches” (see below) and then complete the corresponding questions and activities. Within the questions, students are asked to demonstrate their understanding of the fruit sando by completing a drag & drop example, using the provided slide.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Lab Supplies


  • After students have read the article and are more familiar with fruit sandwiches, it’s time to show them some videos demonstrating the process and layout for creating them in the foods lab. The first video is “How to Make Fruit Sandwiches“, the second “Strawberry Cream Sandwiches” and the third demonstrates a Fruit Sando (yogurt version). I also share with students this cool sketchnote version illustrating how to make fruit sandos.
  • Now, it’s time for students to read through their recipe, completing the pre-lab questions that follow and fill in the lab plan.


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