Trendy Threads Wardrobe Box

The Trendy Threads Wardrobe Box project was created to simulate clothing subscription services that are advertised on the internet. These services are designed to tailor outfits that fit and flatter the personality, profile, needs and body type of their client for a fee. In this project, students become the personal stylist as they curate outfits for their “clients” based on profile information. It’s a great way for students to apply what they’ve learned in class and see if they enjoy being a personal stylist!


  • Students will already have learned the basics about fashion trends, fashion styles, elements of fashion design, principles of fashion design and body shapes/types, etc.
  • Students may or may not be familiar with how clothing subscription boxes work. If you’ve subscribed, you can share your personal experience. If you’ve never subscribed, this video on how the Stitch Fix subsription boxes work, might be helpful.
  • Set the stage: You are a personal stylist for “Trendy Threads”, an up and coming personal styling company. As a “Trendy Threads” stylist, you use personal client profiles to select fashionable clothing and accessories items tailored to specific needs and individual body types.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen


  • Step 1: Meet Your Clients!
    • After receiving two client profiles, students will use the information to complete a chart on the client’s fashion likes and dislikes.
  • Step 2: Curate a Wardrobe Box
    • Utilizing the website, SHOPLOOK, students will curate a stylish wardrobe box for each client. Each wardrobe box will contain 4 apparel items and 1 accessory piece that compliment the client’s age, body type and profile as well as correspond with their personal requests. Wardrobe boxes will be displayed in a visually appealing manner. Students can screenshot their selections and insert them into Google Slides or some other available platform such as Canva, Jamboard or Adobe Spark.
  • Step 3: Stylist Notes
    • After the client’s box is complete, students will write a stylist note to their client explaining why items were selected. A few tips on how the items could be styled will also be included. Stylist notes should be no longer than 5-8 sentences. Stylist notes will be included in the Google Slidedeck. A sample is included so students have an idea of how they are set up and what to include.
  • Step 4: Client Review
    • Students will trade wardrobe boxes with another person in class who will act as the “client”. The client will review the contents of the wardrobe box and determine if it has met their needs, profile, and body type, taking into account their likes and dislikes. The “client” will briefly explain why each item is being kept or returned by filling out the provided form.


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