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The Stir Fry Interactive assignment is an assignment for my students to complete digitally, in Google Classroom. This Stir Fry Interactive E-Learning assignment takes students through a variety of concepts related to stir fry cooking such as the origins, the benefits of cooking this way, knife cuts, featured characteristics, food group analysis, cooking steps, and chopstick etiquette. If you’re able to cook, a vegetable stir fry recipe is included to practice those referenced knife cuts. If you are unable to cook, students still learn alot about stir fry cooking!



  • iPads or Laptops
  • Wok or Deep Frying Pan (affiliate links)
  • Knives & Cutting Boards
  • Food Supplies


  • Begin by having students define the term stir fry. Once they know that term, have them explain the difference between the cooking methods stir fry and saute.
  • Next, students utilize the About Stir Frying information on ifood tv to answer some questions about the origin, methods and cooking vessels of stir frying.
  • Students then explore the benefits of stir fry cooking and add them to the chart.
  • Because there are often so many knife cutting techniques included in the preparation of stir fry vegetables, I have students view videos to review knife cuts and briefly describe what they to look like.
  • Chinese food features three characteristics….student use this web resource to identify what they are and why they are important.
  • Stir fries are a great example of mixed foods or combination foods because they often incorporate many different MyPlate food groups. Students analyze this recipe, identifying ingredients into appropriate food groups as well as fats/oils and miscellaneous categories.
  • To learn the steps involved in mastering stir fry cooking, students view the YouTube video titled, “How to Stir Fry” and fill in the chart with the five steps.
  • Because stir fries can be eaten with chopsticks, I would be remiss if I didn’t include some etiquette and tutorials on how to hold and use chopsticks. I have a bunch of chopsticks…my plan is to allow them to practice, but collect and sanitize afterwards. This plan may change, however, depending on the level of COVID in my area. Use at your descretion.
  • I’m also including the recipe my class will prepare in the lab. The first day will be spent prepping the vegetables. The second day will be spent preparing the rice and stir fry the ingredients. I have 43 minute labs and while this can be done in that time frame, it’s really pushing the kids to finish. Since my class is an introductory foods class, I attribute mine to lack of experience with the knife cuts so it takes my students longer. If you have longer class periods or more experienced students, one day should be sufficient.


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