Knife Skills Workbook for E-Learning

Sending out a big THANK YOU to Barbara Scully for sharing her Knife Skills Workbook for E-Learning! Her adapted knife skills workbook for E-learning covers almost everything you want or need to know about knife skills from handling the knife safely to various knife cuts! So sit back and take a look…you’ll be here for a bit so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Outline of the Knife Skills Workbook

  • Rules for Knife Use in the Classroom
  • Basic Knife Safety
  • Holding a Knife Correctly
  • Anatomy of a Knife
  • Must Have Knives
  • Review
  • Mis en Place
  • Knife Station Set-Up
  • Knife Cuts & Practice
  • Knife Skills Quiz
  • Lab Experience & Demonstration of Skills
  • Ninja Kitchen Interactive Game
  • How to Set a Table & Etiquette
  • Apple Swans for Fun


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