Ways Children Learn

Ways Children Learn is part of my child development curriculum when teaching about intellectual development. This lesson can be taught in a traditional classroom setting or it can be shared as an E-learning self-directed assignment. Basically, students are taught the four basic ways children learn with examples and then are asked to create their own grid of examples, showing they understand the concepts.



  • Explain to students that as children move from toddlerhood to preschool age, they will continue to grow and develop the skills shown in the video.
  • Children learn in many ways. We will focus on 4 main categories which include: incidental learning, imitative learning, directed trial & error and directed learning.
  • I show students the slideshow, explaining the categories of children’s learning and share one example for each type through a video. I don’t elaborate on additional examples because they will need to think of their own for the assigned grid project.
  • After explaining and sharing an example of each type of learning with students, I assign “Grid Project”.
  • Students create their own grid with examples of learning for each category, including images and links to video clips, etc. Grids may be created in Canva, Adobe Spark Post or Google Slides and then submitted in Google Classroom.
  • It’s fun to see the examples they come up with, many from their own childhood experiences.
  • If I was at school, I would take a variety of examples and create an interactive assessment via gallery walk where students would have to walk around, look at examples and identify the type of learning the activity represents. Students would have to justify their response because in some cases multiple types of learning are evident.


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