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I am excited to feature the Recipe Card Project shared by Missouri Family Consumer Sciences teacher, Samantha Cosper. Samantha teaches at Cassville High School and uses this project in her Introduction to Foods & Nutrition course as a summative assessment in the Foods Prep Unit. Regardless of how you are teaching this year, the Recipe Card Project can be utilized in both the traditional and virtual classrooms! Read on to learn more…


  • Prior to assigning this project Samantha would have already covered food safety and sanitation, dishwashing, kitchen equipment, measuring skills, recipe reading, knife skills and equivalents. In the past for this course, she started the year off with nutrients and an overall health and wellness review before moving into this unit, but with the possibility of virtual learning creeping up due to COVID-19, she wanted to cover kitchen safety and food prep skills first. If students aren’t with her in the traditional classroom when it’s time to assign this project, it can easily be completed at home.


  • iPads or Laptops


  • Samantha shared that her inspiration for this project came from
    the meal kit delivery services advertised on television.  Growing tired of meal planning during the many months at home, social distancing for COVID, her family tried several of the delivery services some of which include Hello Fresh, Home Chef and Blue Apron.
  • In the project the example that she uses is a recipe card from Hello Fresh. It is an actual recipe that she made just a couple weeks ago. 
  • You’ll notice that the directions are summarized into chunks to correspond with a picture illustration.  She thought, what better way to have students demonstrate mastery and critical thinking than to have them do the same with one of their own family favorite recipes.
  • Her goal is to be able to combine all of her students’ completed recipe cards into one digital notebook to share out. In the end each student has a keepsake along with a variety of other dishes to prepare!


Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

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