Starter Pack Meme Ideas

My son recently introduced me to “starter pack memes” which I had to look up! He had to create one for a college “get to know you” activity and once I knew what it was, I thought it would make a great, fun and interactive activity. So, below you will find my starter pack meme ideas for topics that can be used in a variety of different content areas along with instructions for creating.


  • Explain the starter pack meme concept to students.
  • Starter packs memes are digital collages made up of photos, GIFs, text clips, screenshots, colors, and/or quotes that highlight certain objects, characteristics, or actions of a particular person. Starter pack memes are great for bringing a class together since it’s a fun and engaging way to relate or learn more about each other.
  • Decide the digital medium you will use to have your students create their starter pack.



  • Go over the instructions, rubric and show examples if desired. Give students time to create.
  • For an introductory activity, I ask students to keep their names OFF of their starter pack meme as I like to print them off, number them and create a gallery walk. In the gallery walk, students have to guess who the starter pack meme is representing. It’s a fun, engaging way to learn more about each other. In the end, we go over their guesses/starter pack memes and then I hang them for display around my classroom or in the hallway outside my door.
  • Give students a title or several to choose from. Possible titles include…
    • High school starter pack
    • Chef in training starter pack
    • Foodie starter pack
    • Fashionista starter pack
    • Ready to Adult starter pack
    • Childhood starter pack
    • Growing up starter pack
    • Things every (fill in the blank) loves starter pack (Ex. little kid, teen, chef, designer, parent, babysitter, environmentalist, etc.)
    • Leaving home for the first time starter pack
    • Real world starter pack
    • This is life starter pack
    • First time parent starter pack
    • Newlywed starter pack
    • First time homeowner starter pack
    • Life after high school starter pack
    • Life after college starter pack
    • Or you could leave the title blank


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