It was so much fun collaborating with Darci Friberg, a Missouri FCS teacher, on this NEAT=NON-EXERCISE ACTIVITY THERMOGENESIS
lesson!  I can’t encourage peer collaboration enough as each person brings so much to the table in the way of ideas and perspectives!  I truly believe that we are better together. This lesson would be a great addition to a Food & Nutrition class, Health & Wellness class or even as part of a FCS Comprehensive class as it’s a topic we can all relate to even if you’ve never heard of it!  Keep reading to learn more about this concept and let me know if you want to collaborate!


  • Use the Google Slide Presentation and Notes Form below to introduce this topic with the following:
    • What is your favorite NEAT activity?
    • Draw an example of someone performing a NEAT activity. What did you draw? Was it NEAT or NOT? Class survey
    • Define/explain/benefits/stats
    • Think about this…is it better to be NEAT or EXERCISE?


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen

Helpful Resources


  • Set up an interactive gallery review walk to have students practice identifying and classifying activities as NEAT or NOT. You will have to print and cut apart the examples and decide which option, from the list included, you will implement. Students will share and discuss their placements when finished.
  • Now that students have background knowledge of NEAT, they become the advice columnist. Assign the scenarios in one of the following ways.  First, students can answer all of the scenarios and then place students into groups and assign ONE scenario to each group to answer collaboratively using the directions below.  Second, count students off by 5 and assign each a scenario to answer before getting with others who answered the same prompt to answer collaboratively using the directions below.
    • Groups had to share their responses to the scenario they received. They then had to revise their response to include suggestions and/or solutions from each person which was color-coded and shared on a single flash slide which they create. Groups then presented their scenario and responses to the class. Work smarter, not harder by grading them as they are presented!
  • For a summative assessment, the teacher or student (your call) can select one of the following options to complete:
    • Option #1:  ABC Index Card NEAT Examples or ABC DIGITAL SLIDE NEAT Examples
    • Option #2:  Flip Hunt:  What is NEAT for a Teen?
  • As an extension activity, students can evaluate how they spend their time by completing the NEAT Tracking assignment and summarizing their results.
  • Finally, to bring this lesson full circle, assign the Flash Slide prompt: Is it better to be NEAT or EXERCISE? Research 3 reasons, cite sources, add a corresponding image; SHARE in class–again allowing you to grade as they are shared to save time later on!


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