FACS 5 Second Rule Games

The 5 Second Rule Game is a must have for the classroom! Not only can the game be played as is, but it’s easy to adapt to FACS content or even just use the time for quick, fun reviews. The rules pretty much stay the same for the “FACS: 5 Second Rule Games” which engage, challenge and build relationships as students compete against each other in this fun adaptation!


  • This game is used as a team building activity because it’s easy to play once you have the cards set up and the rules are pretty similar to the actual game so there’s not alot of confusion. It’s also alot of fun, challenging and competitive which students like, causing them to become very engaged!
  • I already had the game because my family enjoys playing it. I also got lucky and found a brand new one at a yard sale for $1 and added that to my classroom. If you don’t have the game, nor wish to purchase it, you can play with this YouTube 5 Second Digital Timer.
  • As always, if you think up additional Name 3 examples or create a version for another class or topic, please share back and I’ll add it to this post!

Set Up & Directions

  • Prepare the cards for the version you are playing. Currently, they include an Adulting version and a Child Development version. To prepare the cards, print off the statements and cut them apart. Clue each statement to an index card and place face down in the pile.
  • Go over the rules of the game. Depending on your class size, you may have to divide your class into teams. If players do not guess the answers in time, the play jumps to the next team. Also, I am the card reader, score keeper and timer moderator to keep things running smooth and fair.
  • Optional Exit Slip at the end of the game is to ask to students to give themselves a grade based on what they know about the topic of the version you are playing.



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