43 Minute Lab Series: BBQ Chicken (or Turkey) Burritos

After noticing continuous requests for lab suggestions that are doable in 43 minute class periods, I’ve decided to do a recurring series, featuring recipes that can be completed from beginning to end in a 43 minute time frame. In some cases, longer recipes will broken into two day labs. In addition, I will include my pre-lab review questions that pertain specifically to the recipe. This helps to ensure that students are reading the recipe. It also allows me time to show any videos that may demonstrate the product or specific techniques. So, without further ado, I present the 43 Minute Lab Series: BBQ Chicken (or Turkey) Burritos!


  • The beauty of this recipe is that it is so versatile! First, it can be made with chicken or turkey. Second, it can be made with raw meat or leftover cooked meat…such as those from Thanksgiving birds! Third, you can use the breast or the thigh if money is tight.


  • This recipe/lab is a great addition to a poultry unit or a sandwich unit.
  • It’s also a great lesson to use when highlighting nutrititious, quick and easy meals–especially when time is minimal especially if you are using leftover pre-cooked meat.
  • If you are using raw meat, knife skills can be practiced in the preparation of the meat, and of course, the onions and garlic.
  • Whichever unit you may be using for this lab/recipe, students answer some pre-lab questions prior to preparing this dish.


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